9013-034 Reversible Tote Red/Coffee
9013-034 Reversible Tote Red/Coffee reversedReversible Double Tote Blush-IvoryReversible Double Tote Grey/Ivory9012 White reverses to Sky Blue9012-034 BB Blue/ BB Pink9012 Turquoise reverses to Dark Fuchsia9012 Sky Blue/Yellow9012 Royal Blue Dark FuchsiaRed/Coffee9012 Purple/ Light Coffee9012-034 BB Pink/Yellow9012 Pink/IvoryOrange/Green9012 Navy/Khaki9012 Light Blue/Pink9012 Light Purple/White9012 Light Coffee/Beige9012 Light Beige/Royal-Blue9012 Light Beige/Light Blue9012 Khaki/Beige9012 Ivory/Royal9012 Grey/Beige9012 Fuchsia/Ivory9012 Coffee/Light Coffee9012 Burgundy/Coffee9012 Black/Red9012 Black/Khaki9012-34 Reversible Double Tote Yellow-Light Purple9012 Black/Hot pink#1Flower/Black12 Flower/Burgundy11Flower/Coffee9012 Leopard/Coffee#8Flower/Black9012-034 #3Flower Navy Reversible Tote#3Flower Purple Reversible Tote9012-034 #3Flower-Grey Reversible Tote9012-034 3Flower Rose Gold Reversible Tote#4Flower/Pink#3Flower/White9012-034 Reversible Double Tote 3FL-Mint#3Flower/Turquoise#3Flower/Beige#2Flower/Camel#8Flower Red 9012-034 Reversible Tote9012-034 Reversible Double Tote 3FL-Red9012-034 #10Flower Reversible Tote9012-034 #18Flower Black Reversible Tote9012-034 51 Floral9012-034 41 FloralOlive-Green Fuchsia Reversible Tote9012 Rose Gold/Silver9012 Pewter/Gold9012 Gold/Silver9012-034 Silver-Gold9012-034 Reversible Double Tote White-Mint9012-034 Reversible Double Tote Mint-Gold9012-034 Reversible Double Tote Mint-BBPink

Reversible Double Tote


9013-034 Reversible Tote Red/Coffee reversed
Reversible Tote Red/Coffee reversed
Red/Coffee with pouch

Features: Reversible, change the way it looks by turning the tote inside out; high quality classic design tote with detachable cross body bag; decorative string with logo.

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1 detachable cross body strap adjustable up to 58″


Soft textured synthetic leather, solid-colored fabric lining, gold-tone hardware.

Exterior Measurements

Exterior measures for tote: 11”H x 18”W x 5”D,
Exterior measures for detachable cross body bag: 9”H x 15”W x 5.5”D

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